Ex-Chiefs Coach Britt Reid’s DWI Crash Sentence Commuted

The governor of Missouri, Mike Parson, has reduced the sentence of former Kansas City Chiefs assistant coach Britt Reid. Three years ago, Reid was involved in a drunk-driving accident that severely injured a five-year-old child. He had been sentenced to three years in prison in November 2022 after pleading guilty to a single felony count of driving while intoxicated.

As part of his leniency, Reid will complete the rest of his sentence under house arrest. Factors that influenced this decision include his completion of an alcohol abuse treatment program and his time served, which is more than most individuals convicted of similar offenses. Until October 31, 2025, Reid will be required to meet with a parole officer and peer support sponsor weekly, and attend behavioral counseling.

In addition, Reid must work at least 30 hours a week and complete 10 hours a month of community service. This incident occurred when Reid drove over 80 mph and hit two stopped vehicles along an exit ramp near the Chiefs’ practice facility. In the collision, four adults and two children were injured, including a five-year-old who was in a coma for 11 days due to a traumatic brain injury. Reid also sustained injuries in the crash and admitted to drinking before he drove. His blood alcohol level was 0.113% two hours after the accident, exceeding the legal limit of 0.08%.

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