DWI-Convicted Paterson Cop on Paid Leave for Separate Issue

Last Friday, Noel Ramos, a police officer in Paterson who was found guilty of DWI in 2022, was put on administrative leave with pay, as per departmental orders. The directive that relegated Ramos to administrative leave did not specify the causes behind such a move. Officials from the police department refused to elaborate, citing that it is a confidential personnel issue.

Sources from law enforcement revealed that Ramos allegedly engaged in shouting at individuals while addressing a fight related to a high school dismissal on March 14 at the intersection of Colt and Ellison streets, resulting in scrutiny. Ramos has served as a police officer in Paterson since 2018 and receives a salary of $56,383.

Ramos was apprehended in February 2022 following a car crash in Clifton, which resulted in an injury to another vehicle’s occupant, the Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office reported. In addition to DWI, he was also accused of auto assault and reckless driving. However, Ramos pleaded guilty to DWI and was allowed to join a pre-trial intervention probation program as part of his plea deal.

At the time of his plea agreement, city authorities refrained from disclosing whether Ramos was subject to any disciplinary proceedings within the department. Joe Malinconico, the editor of Paterson Press can be contacted at editor@patersonpress.com.

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