DUI Suspect Arrested After Rollover Crash Near Cedar City

The attached photograph depicts a closeup shot of an Iron County Sheriff’s Office patrol vehicle in Cedar City, Utah, taken on May 14, 2022. A second photograph displays the Iron County Jail, also in Cedar City, dated January 22, 2024. Both images are credited to Jeff Richards, St. George News / Cedar City News.

It was in Cedar City that a suspected drunk-driver was apprehended on a Sunday night, in the wake of a vehicular rollover accident within a suburban community located west of the city. Justen Alan Stock, 43, was placed into custody at the Iron County Jail under probable charges of DUI (which would be his first offense in the past 10 years), possession of an open container of alcohol in the vehicle, and for not adhering to the bounds of a single traffic lane.

A patrol deputy of the Iron County Sheriff’s Office arrived at the scene of the aforementioned single-vehicle rollover around 7:45 p.m that Sunday, near the crossroads of 800 South and 4575 West. The single-occupant vehicle was later identified as a white Chevrolet pickup, the driver being Justen Stock. Upon the deputy encountering Stock, he was being tended to by medical staff in the back of an ambulance.

Notable observations as recorded by the deputy in his statement included Stock’s bloodshot eyes and noticeable scent of alcohol. After his medical clearance and after being read his rights, Stock agreed to discuss the accident and admitted to consuming alcohol and having open alcohol containers in his truck prior to driving.

A series of administered field sobriety tests had unfavorable outcomes for Stock. A preliminary breathalyzer test indicated a blood alcohol concentration of 0.184, which is significantly above Utah’s legal limit of 0.05.

This report is based on court documentation and information from legal authorities. It might not encompass all facts or findings discovered. According to legal standard, everyone charged is presumed innocent until proven guilty in court.

The article’s author, Jeff Richards, is a Salt Lake City native with family in Panguitch. He spent 20 years living in Moab before joining the St. George News team in 2017. Jeff has a long-established career in journalism and secondary school teaching. He is a father of five, grandfather of three, and enjoys swimming, camping, sightseeing, reading, and photography alongside his wife, Penny. Jeff’s work is copyright to St. George News and SaintGeorgeUtah.com LLC, 2024.

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