DUI Arrests, Thefts & Shattered Windshields in Lambertville

The Lambertville Police Department in New Jersey has provided a rundown of incidents and arrests that took place from February 3 to March 3. On February 3, a report of criminal mischief was made on North Main Street, and a car windshield was shattered on Clinton Street. The following day, two traffic cones were removed from a residence on York Street.

On February 5, a resident from Holcombe Way reported continuous harassment by a neighbor. A parking dispute on Route 165 was resolved quickly on February 6. A missing bicycle was reported on North Union Street on February 7, which also saw the arrest of a 28-year-old from Lawrence Township for an outstanding traffic warrant.

Forgery of a business check was reported by an Alexander Avenue business on February 9, which also saw a missing black backpack being reported on York Street. A Stockton man was arrested for driving under the influence among other charges on February 10, while another DUI arrest was made against a Milford resident on February 11.

Property was reported stolen from a North Union Street residence’s garage on February 12. On February 19, a contractor reported paver stones stolen from a Delevan Street job site, but the misunderstanding was quickly resolved. On February 21, a resident reported steal of a wheelbarrow from their Grant Avenue yard.

A money theft from a joint bank account of a former Coryell Street resident was reported on February 22. A resident of South Union Street reported an unauthorized individual on their property on February 24, resulting in another report.

Several DUI arrests were made on February 25 and February 26. A vehicle reported stolen out of New York City was discovered during an issue of vehicle registration on February 28. Another instance of trespassing was reported on March 1.

On March 3, officers were called to a property on Church Street to handle an unwelcome individual who left without incident and was banned from the property. Harassment and intentional windshield destruction were also reported on Lincoln Avenue and Brunswick Avenue respectively.

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