DUI arrest in Montpelier following hit-and-run

A Montpelier woman, aged 30, was apprehended late on Thursday due to her alleged participation in a hit-and-run accident on Interstate 89 while supposedly intoxicated. Responding to a collision report at I-89 Southbound Exit 8, the Vermont State Police tracked the accused vehicle to a Cumberland Farms outlet on Berlin Street, Montpelier. On location, they found two damaged vehicles in the convenience store’s parking lot, which confirmed the report. The suspect, Katelyn Valli, showed signs of intoxication during interaction with the troopers. Valli, who was arrested on DUI suspicion and taken to the Berlin Barracks for processing, refused a DUI test and now faces charges relating to the incident. A citation has been issued for her to appear in Washington County Superior Court’s Criminal Division. Valli is currently out awaiting her court date.

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