DUI Arrest Following 100mph Chase in Tumwater

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Several law enforcement institutions worked together to apprehend a DUI driver who was speeding at 100 mph to evade the cops early Sunday morning in Tumwater, Washington. Thurston County Sheriff’s Office was notified about Napavine Police’s pursuit involving a driver suspected of DUI on Interstate 5.

As the suspect reached Tumwater, deputies from Thurston County tried to intercept the suspect and cease the pursuit. According to the Sheriff’s Office, the suspect was traveling at around 100 mph on Trosper Road, made a U-turn, and then went back in the direction of Interstate 5 on Trosper.

The suspect’s vehicle was later spiked by Sheriff Derek Sanders and a Tumwater unit. A deputy performed a PIT maneuver at a roundabout, prompting the suspect to surrender. The suspect is a previously convicted felon from Tacoma with several active warrants for theft, assault, and trespassing.

The suspect now faces fresh charges in Lewis County for DUI and trying to flee from a police vehicle.

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