Deputies Track Down Assailant, DWI Suspect via Truck Fluids

The Chemung County Sheriff’s Office in New York reported Tuesday that they had apprehended 38-year-old Ryan E. Purvis on assault and driving while intoxicated (DWI) charges. On February 29, the Sheriff’s Office responded to a two-vehicle crash in the Town of Chemung, where deputies found an overturned van with two slightly injured passengers.

The van’s driver claimed he lost control and overturned the vehicle after a pickup truck hit him from behind numerous times. Even though the pickup was not at the scene, deputies found parts of it along with some fresh fluid. They followed the fluid and located the pickup on Hoffman Hollow Road.

Upon assessment, deputies identified one person in the passenger’s seat and another standing outside. They ascertained Purvis had been driving the pickup and charged him with third-degree assault and DWI. The investigation is ongoing and could lead to extra charges. The New York State Police provided collaborative assistance in the investigation. This report is copyright of WBNG 2024. All use must be acknowledged.

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