Blotter | DUI Arrest Finds Loaded Gun in Car

A car was seen driving fast without headlights on.

On the early morning of March 29th, a man was detained for a suspected DUI in Piedmont, in which a loaded firearm was found.

The car, a 2023 Dodge Charger, was noticed racing and without headlights on at about 3:03 a.m. at Grand at Wildwood avenues. The driver was pulled over by Piedmont Police who suspected that he was drunk. A loaded Glock was discovered in the glove compartment during a search, according to the police report. The police arrested Justin Callin and took him to Santa Rita Jail in Dublin on charges of suspected DUI and concealed carry inside a vehicle.

The police department communicated about the incident via a Facebook post.

The car was left parked legally on Grand Avenue.

On March 24th, a fire at a portable toilet on Monticello and Arroyo avenues was linked to a report of a stolen Razor scooter on Arroyo Avenue. At around 7:08 p.m., the police were given a suspect description. A suspect matching the description was then found by a Piedmont police officer, as stated by Piedmont Police Captain Chris Monahan. The suspect reportedly refused to identify himself. Items found in a search included a butane lighter, a glass pipe “with residue”, and toilet paper “consistent with the paper on site at the toilet fire,” reported Monahan.

The suspect was arrested on charges of arson, theft, drug possession, possession of stolen property, and probation violations. He was transported to Santa Rita Jail.

The suspect was later discovered to be on probation for a previous case in Piedmont, said Monahan.

At about 10:45 p.m. on March 23rd, a woman was arrested on suspicion of DUI after she was seen driving slowly and on a median on Mountain Boulevard in Oakland. After failing a field sobriety test, the driver was arrested and transported to Santa Rita Jail where she took a chemical test and was found to have a blood alcohol content of 0.18 percent, according to Monahan.

On March 24th, about $500 worth of gardening tools were stolen from a silver Toyota Tacoma truck parked on St. James Place.

On March 26th, two unknown suspects supposedly broke into a home on Ramona Avenue around 2:36 p.m., causing nearly $500 worth of damage and an unknown amount of stolen property, according to Monahan. The crime occurred while the residents were away.

On March 22, an unidentified individual broke into a parked 2011 Ford F-150 on Grand Avenue. The suspect accessed through the driver’s side window and took a backpack containing around $30 worth of clothing, per Monahan’s report.

On March 27th, a stolen black 2009 Hyundai Sonata was detected three times by the city’s Automatic License Plate Reader system starting at 4:32 a.m. A police officer saw the vehicle collide with a parked car at high speed and escape towards Beaumont Avenue in Oakland. The officer reported they were not in pursuit when the accident happened, as per Monahan. The owner of the damaged parked vehicle was reached.

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