17-Year-Old Hammonton Arrested for DUI in Brigantine

A 17-year-old from Hammonton was apprehended and accused of drunken driving, property damage, and instigating a high-speed police chase in Brigantine early on Tuesday morning. Officer Nicholas Crosson noticed a pickup truck speeding past him on Lafayette Boulevard around 2:31 am. The driver overlooked several stop signs, drove recklessly, and sped away, ignoring police attempts to halt him.

The truck swerved off the road, hitting the facade of a local business at the junction of 12th Street South and West Brigantine Avenue, causing property damage before returning to the road to continue evading the police. Officers were ordered to halt the pursuit due to public safety concerns as the truck sped away from Brigantine. Police then commenced an investigation into potential damage on Brigantine Avenue, Brigantine Boulevard, and the Brigantine Bridge.

Officer Crosson spotted the truck in Harrah’s Resort & Casino Atlantic City parking lot while inspecting the outbound lanes of the bridge. The vehicle seemed to be incapacitated due to damage. Crosson found two suspects outside the vehicle who later tried to jump into the back seat. They were promptly arrested, and the truck was seized.

The 17-year-old driver got slapped with charges like drunk driving, fleeing an accident scene, eluding police, possessing a weapon for unlawful use, and nine other traffic citations. The passenger, another teenager, was charged for violating curfew and failing to wear a seatbelt. Both were released into their parents’ custody with court summonses. Their identities have been withheld because they are under aged.

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