Whyte Discusses DWI Arrest Amid Council Decision

“Whyte not considering resignation amidst DWI arrest, waits for council’s decision”

by Robert Price
Wednesday, Jan 10th 2024

During an executive session on Wednesday, District 10 Councilman Mark Whyte addressed reporters regarding his arrest for driving while intoxicated (DWI).

San Antonio’s District 10 Councilman Marc Whyte announced he will respect the decision made by his council colleagues concerning his recent DWI arrest, clearly stating he has no plans to resign. The council discussed his case in private while Whyte was talking to the press.

“If my council peers believe there is a need for further action, that is their right,” said Whyte. “But as far as my communications with others and the general public, there’s absolutely no demand for me to step down, and I haven’t even considered it,” he added.

Whyte didn’t avoid the media when questioned about his arrest and took this opportunity to apologize to his constituents.

“I acted wrongly that day. Nobody should drink even slightly before getting behind the wheel. It’s not the standard we want in San Antonio,” Whyte admitted. “I take full responsibility for my actions and I’ve made this clear to all my peers. But now it’s time to move on.”

Whyte confessed to drinking three alcoholic beverages before getting into his car after a social gathering on the night of December 29. His night involved visits to two restaurants and a bar along NW Military HWY.

He admitted, “I consumed alcohol before getting behind the wheel that night over a few hours, which I shouldn’t have done.”

The police report indicates that he was stopped for speeding and changing lanes without signaling near the airport along the access road of NE Loop 410. The officer reported that Whyte exhibited signs of intoxication, with strong alcohol smell, bloodshot eyes, and unstable footing. He refused a breathalyzer test, leading the police to get a warrant for a blood draw. The results are still pending.

While, his fellow council members convened in an executive session on Wednesday afternoon to discuss the possible consequences of reprimanding Whyte.

“I will cooperate with whatever decision the council arrives at,” said Whyte. “We should handle it here and take responsibility for it.”

When asked about the possibility of a vote of “no confidence,” Whyte felt it would be unfair.

The city council took no action concerning Whyte after a two-hour deliberation during the executive session. However, Mayor Ron Nirenberg stated that a decision would be reached by Thursday.

This response contrasts sharply with the council’s swift action following a drunk driving hit-and-run incident involving Whyte’s predecessor, Clayton Perry, in late 2022.

When questioned about the difference in response, Whyte deflected and said, “You should ask my colleagues. I was not here at that time and do not know what discussions took place regarding Councilman Perry.”

Whyte insists his focus remains on serving his constituents. He said, “My duty is to perform the tasks the District 10 citizens elected me to do. This incident does not aid my efforts in the short-term, but we will persevere.”

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