Waterloo Man DWI Arrest

A 51-year-old man from Waterloo was taken into custody by the police for alleged DWI (driving while intoxicated) and other related offenses after he was stopped for a traffic violation in the village. As stated in a news dispatch, Patrick Gould, the accused, was allegedly found deviating from his lane. This triggered a traffic stop which led to him getting caught. During the ensuing on-the-spot investigation, police concluded that Gould was under the influence of alcohol. He was handed out citations for his offenses which he is expected to respond to in the village court at a future date. Be updated on the latest news by signing up to receive the Morning Edition in your inbox. You can also download the free FingerLakes1.com app, available in both Android and iOS versions. Being the foremost all-digital news publisher in the region, FingerLakes1.com has been providing vital information to the public for over two decades.

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