Vegas Prosecutor Faces DUI, Drove 38 mph Over Limit

A Clark County prosecutor, Kayla Farzaneh-Simmons, who is currently facing a DUI charge, was reportedly driving at a speed believed to be more than twice the legally posted limit when she was detained and arrested last Sunday, as stated in a report from the Metropolitan Police Department. According to the report, Farzaneh-Simmons, aged 28, was driving her white Kia SUV at approximately 73 mph in a zone that designated 35 mph as the speed limit. The arresting officer indicated that Farzaneh-Simmons exhibited symptoms of intoxication, including watery, bloodshot eyes, slightly slurred speech, and a strong smell of alcohol. She was eventually arrested on misdemeanor charges of DUI and reckless driving, according to available court records. Despite her arrest, a statement from Clark County spokesperson Erik Pappa confirmed that Farzaneh-Simmons remains a deputy district attorney and still employed by the county as of Tuesday evening.

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