Tyler Police & Law Firm to Safeguard Locals Against DWI

During the holiday season, Tyler, Texas experiences both immense joy and potential road tragedies. To ensure public safety, local law enforcement and a legal firm are taking proactive measures.

Starting from December 16 to January 2, the Tyler Police Department will heighten patrols around the city. According to Sergeant J.H. Burge of the department, traffic significantly increases during this period due to school holidays and Christmas shopping, especially in areas such as Broadway, the Loop, and Paluxy.

The police will enforce the Selective Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP) to maintain safety. They receive additional funds from the state to increase law enforcement presence on the roads during peak traffic times. They will particularly be vigilant for drunk drivers to minimize accidents.

Additionally, Roberts and Roberts Law Firm has established a yearly program called The Ride’s On Us. This initiative offers residents free rides home to discourage intoxicated driving. It serves 14 counties throughout East Texas.

Justin Roberts, the managing lawyer at the firm, explained that they initiated this program two decades ago to prevent fatalities and injuries caused by drunk driving. The firm has expanded its services across other counties with the help of other car rental companies.

The campaign reaches its peak during the New Year festivity, with many residents availing of the services. For those interested in using the Ride’s On Us service, they can contact 903 333-7433.

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