Tulsa Deputies Increase DUI Patrols on St. Patrick’s Day

The Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office has increased its presence in downtown Tulsa in light of St. Patrick’s Day. Deputy Chris Birch says he’s keeping an eye out for drivers who could be exhibiting potential signs of intoxication, such as erratic speed, forgetting to signal, or sluggish responses to traffic lights. He reassures the public that they’re safer with the augmented patrols, highlighting that drunk drivers risk arrest.

With large crowds expected downtown to celebrate the holiday, additional law enforcement agencies are also sharing the responsibility of maintaining order. It’s the fourth year Deputy Birch has been tasked with this duty. He calls on everyone to make wise choices like using Uber, friends, or family members for a safe journey home.

The patrols commenced at 4 p.m. on the day of festivities and are planned to continue through the night. Birch reports that so far things are under control and even better than anticipated, with responsible behaviors like choosing Uber over driving observed.

Deputy Birch also points out that drink driving isn’t the only cause of impairment they’re monitoring. He makes it clear that driving under the influence of marijuana is equally illegal and those caught are liable to face jail time and fines. He concludes by issuing a warning to those celebrating St. Patrick’s Day – if they can afford expensive beer, they should be able to afford a safe ride home.

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