Troopers Arrest DUI Fugitive in Big Lake

On Tuesday night, around 11:30 pm, officers were alerted through a REDDI report about a black Chevy pickup heading towards Big Lake. Responding to the situation, the officers attempted to find the reported vehicle and soon located it at the Tesoro station in Big Lake. As the officers arrived, the driver entered the Tesoro Station and attempted to escape from the back door of the building.

An investigation was initiated by the officers who identified the driver as William Olinger. They discovered that there was already a no-bail warrant issued for him due to a prior DUI offense. Olinger was tracked by the officers through the snow and was found about 200 yards away from the station, waist-deep in the snow.

The officers arrested Olinger and took him to Palmer, where he was handed over to the Mat-Su Pretrial Facility without bail. Throughout the incident, several tags like ‘arrest’, ‘big lake’, ‘dui’ and ‘olinger’ were used to categorize the event.

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