Travis Etienne’s Brother Trevor, Georgia RB, DUI Arrest

Breaking news: Travis Etienne’s brother, Trevor, who is a prominent college football player, has been arrested for driving under the influence (DUI), according to TMZ. The officer at the Athens-Clarke county jail confirmed that Trevor was booked at 4:35 AM ET, on charges of DUI.

In addition to DUI, Trevor was charged with precarious driving, failure to maintain a lane or driving inappropriately on the road, and applying materials that diminish the clarity of windows/windshield. Trevor was reportedly released just before 5:30 AM after posting bonds totaling $1,883.

Nineteen-year-old Trevor previously played two seasons with the Florida Gators, earning more than 1,400 yards, and netting 14 touchdowns. He had recently transferred from Florida to the University of Georgia and had been training with his new team.

Georgia’s Executive Associate Athletic Director for Strategic Communications, Steven Drummond, said in a statement to ESPN that the university is aware of the charges and is investigating the situation. An attempt to contact Etienne’s team for a response has been made, but there has been no feedback as of now.

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