Tiffany Haddish Claims Sobriety After 2023 DUI Arrest

Tiffany Haddish recently announced that she’s been clean and sober for over two months. Speaking on an episode of Amanda de Cadnet’s The Conversation podcast, the comedian-actress shared that she hasn’t consumed alcohol, used drugs, or smoked anything in almost 72 days. When de Cadnet praised her, Haddish replied that it wasn’t a difficult transition for her as these substances weren’t really an important part of her life. However, she did confess that she finds it harder to maintain a healthy diet and manage her consumption of meat and sweets.

Haddish was previously arrested twice under the suspicion of impaired driving. The first arrest took place in January 2022, in Georgia, and the second one occurred in November 2023 in Beverly Hills, after she fell asleep while driving. Although the charges related to the November incident were ultimately dismissed, Haddish pled no contest to a driving code violation.

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