Teen Faces DUI Charges After Crash Near Cary-Grove High School

On Monday, the Cary Fire Protection District responded to a three-vehicle collision at the intersection of First Street and Margaret Terrace located in Cary, according to a courtesy statement from the department. A local teenager has since been charged with DUI, illegal consumption of alcohol, and illegal possession of alcohol in relation to the accident, which took place close to Cary-Grove High School, Cary police reported.

The adolescent was additionally reprimanded for not giving the right of way at the intersection, stated the Cary police station. According to Deputy Chief Scott Naydenoff from the Cary Police Department, everything unfolded when a Jeep Wrangler, which was moving west on Margaret Terrace, did not yield and struck another car moving south on First Street, which subsequently hit a third stationary vehicle at the stop sign on Margaret Terrace, moving eastward. There is no stop sign on First Street at this intersection. As a result of this impact, the Jeep ended up toppled on its side.

It has been confirmed by the police that the same teenager was taken to the Good Shepherd Hospital for minor injuries acquired from the collision. The fire department provided initial medical assessment at the site to three other individuals, who then declined further medical assistance. The exact age and identity of the teen, which is being treated as a juvenile case, remains undisclosed by the police.

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