Taipei Police Intensify DUI Enforcement

Following two fatal drunk-driving events in quick succession, authorities have announced plans to increase roadside inspections. Police have warned the public and are intensifying efforts to curb drunk driving by augmenting patrols and roadside checks at certain locations nationwide, spurred by a recent rise in drunk-driving offenses in the lead up to next month’s Lunar New Year holidays. Greater numbers of officers will be on duty to perform checks on weekends, at local temple festivals, and throughout the upcoming winter holiday period. Separate recent incidents in Puli Township resulted in fatalities due to drunk driving, therefore police will be enhancing roadside checks and alcohol breath tests, with local public awareness drives aimed at discouraging drunk driving. The number of individuals in prison for a third drunk-driving conviction has also been rising over the past year. Harsher penalties for drunk driving were established in 2019, including higher fines and jail time for repeat offenders.

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