‘STOP DUI’ Aims to Curb Drunk Driving in Southern Nevada

The advocacy group “STOP DUI” continues its mission to reduce road accidents and eliminate alcohol-impaired driving after many fatal DUI incidents occurred in 2023. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police reported that out of the 153 road fatalities until December 29 this year, 54 were possibly due to drunk driving. This count is already higher than the total DUI-related deaths as of the same date in 2022.

Sandy Heverly, the founder of “STOP DUI,” whose mother was killed by a drunk driver, emphasized that there’s still much work to do. Despite progress in reducing alcohol-related fatalities from 67% in 1982 to between 30 to 32% nowadays, it doesn’t console those who are still affected by drunk driving incidents.

“STOP DUI” has achieved some significant wins, such as influencing new legislation to felonize hit-and-run offences. Heverly speaks at classes mandated by courts for convicted DUI offenders to raise awareness and discourage further offenses.

Besides advocacy, the group also provides support and resources to victims and their families. This includes assistance in prosecuting the culprits, grief counseling, financial aid for rent, funeral services, transport, and medical equipment. All of these services are provided for free.

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