SSLPD Chiefs Ignored Retiring Lieutenant’s DUI Offense

The head of the South Salt Lake Police Department was aware that one of their lieutenants was over the drink-driving limit almost a week prior to his resignation. Even so, he remained on the payroll for an additional two months. This case considers the manner in which Lieutenant Jimmie Anderson’s service concluded.

During a recent city council meeting, South Salt Lake’s Mayor, Cherie Wood, declared that the city was unable to take any action until the internal affairs investigation was concluded. She asserted that had Anderson not resigned, he would have been dismissed. However, despite being two months away from his retirement eligibility date, he was kept on paid administrative leave and permitted to use his vacation time until retirement.

A further investigation discovered that Police Chief Jack Carruth and Deputy Chief Darren Carr, who were conducting the internal investigation, had received the toxicology results weeks before it was completed. Shockingly, they allowed Anderson to reach his retirement date with URS, knowing the magnitude of the allegations against him.

The report also outlined Anderson’s crash in the late evening on August 25 due to drunk driving. Anderson was kept on paid administrative leave until his retirement, despite his resignation. The internal affairs investigation found Anderson in violation of two distinct department regulations.

Our investigation showed that the police chiefs significantly influenced the timeline associated with Anderson’s due process, allowing him to use up his vacation time before officially terminating his employment. All these events occurred within a span of 67 days.

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