Single-Vehicle Crash Leads to DUI Arrest, Road Closure and Power Outage

In Charleston, S.C, traffic was brought to a standstill in both directions due to an early morning, single-vehicle collision resulting in a DUI arrest. According to Sergeant Anthony Gibson, the accident, which transpired on Morrison Drive between Romney and Williman Streets close to Home Team BBQ, occurred at 3:26 a.m. Sunday.

During the incident, the vehicle departed from the roadway and struck a utility pole, causing the interruption of power and the fall of wires across the road. Gibson predicts that Morrison Drive’s northbound and southbound lanes will remain closed between Williman and Romney Streets until Dominion Energy can assess and rectify the damage.

Dominion was present at the scene at 3:54 a.m. to evaluate the degree of the damage and formulate plans for restoration. The driver of the vehicle was taken into custody and charged with DUI.

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