Sharpsburg Mayor Faces DWI, Child Abuse Charges

The Mayor of Sharpsburg, Robert Williams, is currently facing charges in relation to drunk driving, excessive speeding and child abuse following a traffic stop in Rocky Mount.

According to a spokesperson for the Rocky Mount Police Department, Williams’ car was stopped at around 4:26 p.m. on December 21, after a report came in from a vigilant citizen who noticed what seemed to be a drunk driver. The incident occurred on South Wesleyan Boulevard, near the U.S. 301/Wesleyan Boulevard interchange intersecting Sunset Avenue/U.S. 64 Business.

A police report states that officers found a substantiated reason to charge Robert Williams Jr., mayor of Sharpsburg, with driving while impaired. The police then arrested him and took him to the magistrates’ office.

Alongside impaired driving, Williams is also facing charges for speeding, license revocation due to impaired driving, misdemeanor child abuse, civil revocation of driver’s license, and possession of an open alcohol container or drinking alcohol in the passenger area of his vehicle per online court records.

While police reports did not provide specific information about the child abuse accusation, charges of this nature are often filed in cases where a minor is found inside the car of an allegedly intoxicated driver.

In a past case, Williams was charged with driving while impaired, resistance to an officer and concealing a firearm shortly after he got elected as mayor in May 2018 special elections. He had pleaded guilty to the drunk driving charge in January 2019 and received a single day of jail time, 24 hours of community service, and two years of probation.

voters once again elected Williams in 2021, with a slim lead of 19 votes. His current term of service as mayor will end in November 2025.

During his tenure, William briefly carried out leadership in Sharpsburg both as the elected mayor and the appointed town administrator up until a replacement was found. Now, the administrator position is open once again.

A court appearance on Williams’ latest charges is scheduled for February 22, in the Nash County District Court.

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