Serial Killer Sentenced, DWI Arrest, Weather Update & Games Festival – KRQE News

Here are the main stories from Friday:

1. Families of victims were given the chance to address 55-year-old serial killer Paul Apodaca, who had acknowledged his crimes from the 80s where he killed Althea Oakely, Stella Gonzales, and Kaitlyn Arquette. Judge Cindy Leos handed down the maximum sentence of 45 years on five charges, including three second-degree murders, attempted rape, and kidnapping.

2. A video shows John Paul Samuel cooperatively getting handcuffed at a DWI stop by Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Deputies. Samuel, who had crashed at a Los Ranchos property and was later found disoriented with the scent of alcohol, had been arrested previously by the deputies. His history includes seven DWI arrests, and he is expected in court in February after pleading not guilty to aggravated DWI and other charges.

3. The forecast indicates scattered rain and snow showers across the state, with a winter weather advisory in effect until 11 PM for Raton Pass and Johnson and Bartlett Mesas. Expect lighter accumulations in various areas, but the storm should clear by Saturday, ushering in sunny, warmer weather over the weekend.

4. A multi-million dollar renovation project at the Imperial Inn near downtown Albuquerque was applauded by city leaders. Featuring 16 refurbished apartments and 52 rooms for short-term stays, the troubled motel has been given a new lease on life after developers invested over $7 million to revamp it instead of demolishing it.

5. The National Hispanic Cultural Center in Albuquerque was chosen as the location for the 6th Annual Latinx Games Festival in September. Offering award-winning panelists, informative sessions, and an esports tournament, the festival gives industry professionals an opportunity to provide advice on entering the gaming field. Guests can also preview new games and see one of the rarest ever made – E.T. the Extra Terrestrial.

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