School Bus Driver Dismissed for DUI, Crash in Calhoun County

In Calhoun County, West Virginia, a school bus driver who was arrested for DUI after a crash with students onboard has been dismissed from his job. The disclosure was made by a representative for the Calhoun County Superintendent Michael Fitzwater’s office.

The county education board voted on Monday to terminate Jeffrey Brannon’s employment. Brannon, 54, was driving an evening activity bus leaving Calhoun County Middle/High School with 19 students ranging in age from 11 to 18 on March 4, says Superintendent Fitzwater.

Brannon is facing charges of three counts each of DUI causing bodily injury and child neglect leading to serious injury. Additional charges are anticipated.

The criminal complaint suggests that when the West Virginia State Police arrived at the crash scene, Brannon was in the school bus, yelling and acting aggressively. He was arrested and put in the back of a police car. The report further states that the trooper noticed the scent of alcohol on Brannon’s breath. An initial blood alcohol test revealed he had a blood alcohol level of .161%, twice the legal limit. A subsequent test recorded his blood alcohol level at .127%.

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