San Antonio Officer Shot During DWI Check, Suspects Hunt Ongoing

San Antonio Law Enforcement Officer Wounded During Traffic Check, Perpetrators Roam Free

The tranquility of the 8200 block on Marbach Road in San Antonio was shattered by a sudden gunfire on an early Saturday during a routine traffic stop, leading to an officer being wounded. The situation escalated when an officer from the San Antonio Police Department (SAPD) who was on DWI duty tried to pull over a vehicle on Loop 410. The violators instead exited onto Marbach Road, where the confrontation took place.

Shots Fired at Traffic Check

When two more DWI officers reached the location to back-up their fellow officer, they were faced with gunfire. A passenger in the disobeying vehicle initiated the shooting, hitting one officer. Despite this, the officers promptly reacted by returning fire while another culprit drove the vehicle away from the location.

Officer Injured

The six-year veteran of the SAPD, who was hit by the gunshot, was immediately taken to a medical facility. Although the conditions were serious, the wounded officer is recovering well, thanks to the efficient medical response and the officer’s bravery.

Hunt for Culprits

The car used by the criminals was later found deserted yet the culprits are still on the run. SAPD’s Chief William McManus assured that probe is vigorously ongoing to apprehend the offenders and urged the public to share any leads that could help the police in their inquiry and subsequent capture of the culprits.

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