San Antonio Council Censures Councilman Marc Whyte for DWI Arrest

During a special session, the San Antonio City Council discussed the future of District 10 Councilman Marc Whyte following his recent arrest on suspicion of drunk driving. The council unanimously voted (10-0) to reprimand, but not remove, Councilman Whyte from his position. In response to the issue, Whyte admitted that his choice to drive that night was inappropriate.

Mayor Ron Nirenberg has decided to suspend Whyte from his committee assignments for the time being, but Whyte remains optimistic about resuming his work shortly. He expressed no judgment over the mayor’s decision, recognizing it as his prerogative.

After the council’s vote to censure Whyte, Mayor Nirenberg discussed the council’s future. He emphasized the need to concentrate on city business and praised the council’s response to the situation. He mentioned that, if anything good could come from this event, it might be that people would be more careful about drinking and driving.

Finally, Whyte expressed his commitment to continue working hard for District 10, stating that his committee suspension will not affect his work in city hall.

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