Saline County Mugshots 04/12/2024: Theft, DWI, Out-of-State Warrants

The images displayed here represent recent bookings at the Saline County Detention Center. Please note, having a mugshot does not denote guilt. Some mugshots may appear more often as individuals on probation are required to check in regularly. For additional information, click on the individual’s name.

Recent bookings include:

1. Daniel Shellnut (Booking # 33545), charged with failure to appear for a felony offense. [View Profile](

2. John Anthony (Booking # 118118), held for court. [View Profile](

3. Stanley McCaslin (Booking # 120489), booked on a Texas warrant. [View Profile](

4. Robert Sanford (Booking # 120488), charged with commitment. [View Profile](

5. Jason Nelson (Booking # 119217), held for ADC. [View Profile](

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Additionally, recent releases from detention:

1. Daisey Terry (Booking # 120496). [View Profile](

2. Heidi Welch (Booking # 18229), charged with failure to appear for misdemeanor offenses. [View Profile](

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