Rapid City DUI Arrests: Two Caught Attempting Alcohol Theft, Stuck in Snowbank

On January 18, police in Rapid City, South Dakota, received a report about a potential liquor theft at 3275 Cambell Street around 7:30 in the morning. The police were informed on their way to the scene that the suspects were trying to flee in a car that had gotten stuck in a snowbank.

Upon arrival, the vehicle suspected to be involved in the crime was found ensnared in a snowdrift in the gas station’s parking area. The officers approached the individuals in the car – Serena Andrews, 44, and Maureen Pease, 45, both from Rapid City. Andrews was behind the wheel, seemingly intoxicated, while Pease’s involvement appeared to be less significant at that point.

A drink-driving probe determined both women were impaired and unfit for driving. Video footage confirmed Andrews’ failed attempts to dislodge the car from the snowdrift after Pease, apparently the first to get stuck in the snow, caused the issue.

Andrews was taken into custody for drunken driving and a pre-existing parole violation, and Pease was charged with DUI (her second offense) and obstruction. Both were transported to Pennington County Jail.

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