Park Forest Woman Charged with DUI, Child Endangerment

Over the last two weeks of November, Park Forest police were especially busy. During this period, five individuals were charged with DUI, including a Park Forest woman who was also charged with endangering the life of a child for having her daughter in the car during a collision.

There were two other offenses prior to the DUI and endangering a child incident. The first involved Brittney Del Toro, a 30-year-old Park Forest resident who was apprehended on November 30 for domestic battery and resisting arrest. Del Toro allegedly assaulted a complainant 15 times which resulted in an injury.

The second case involved 32-year-old Mario R. Gregory, from Chicago Heights. He was also arrested on November 30 for possession of a controlled substance. His arrest came about when he was pulled over for allegedly speeding above the limit of 40 mph on 26th Street. An ensuing search of his vehicle unearthed a suspicious substance believed to be crack cocaine.

The third arrest, and the focus of this report, was that of 38-year-old Verdine L. Nunn, a resident of Algonquin Street in Park Forest, who was apprehended on December 1. Charges against Nunn included DUI, resisting arrest, endangering the life of a child, battery, and an improper turn which led to an accident on Western avenue. Allegedly driving while under the influence, Nunn attempted to beat oncoming traffic, resulting in the accident.

Throughout her interaction with the officer, signs of intoxication were evident; slurred speech, delay in response, and repetition of statements. She admitted to having one cup of Amsterdam alcohol. Upon further examination, it was discovered that Nunn’s daughter was in the car during the accident, leading to the additional charge of endangering a child’s life.

eNews Park Forest reiterates that all these report are solely based on police statements. Consequently, every accused individual is considered innocent until proven guilty. This publication remains committed to maintaining transparency by providing updated information about any change in the case status, such as acquittals, guilty pleas, or dropped charges. The report concludes by urging individuals with information about any criminal or suspicious activities to contact the Park Forest Police Department’s Investigations Division.

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