November District Court Letter Questions DWI Officer’s Behavior

We stay up-to-date with the paper trail linked to the ongoing federal probe into the Albuquerque Police Department’s (APD’s) DWI unit. A newly uncovered letter brings to light concerns about one officer under scrutiny.

This letter was sent by the Bernalillo County Second Judicial District Court nearly one year post the initial internal complaint about the unit. It includes the name of one officer that KOB 4 mentioned in relation to this inquiry. It condones the alleged strategy used by officers to introduce offenders to a particular attorney, promising case dismissal if they hire him.

The court’s executive officer flagged to APD’s Civilian Police Oversight Agency about a DWI citation for a former court staff in August.

The highlighted part of the letter alleges that the arresting officer relayed to Antonio Barron, the offender, that if he engaged a specific lawyer, potentially called Rick, his court case would vanish.

Documents confirm that the arresting officer was Honorio Alba Jr. This case is amongst the 150+ dismissed DWI cases recently. KOB 4 previously associated Alba Jr. to this federal investigation, emphasizing his recognition as MADD Officer of the Year in 2023.

On Thursday, KOB 4 reached out to Barron at his residence, hoping to get his perspective, however, nobody responded to their visit.

Numerous emails have been sent by KOB 4 to all current board members of the CPOA requesting interviews, and also to the current interim executive director, but there has been no response thus far.

A spokesperson from the Bernalillo County District Court explained that the letter speaks volumes by itself. The process for letter submission was followed as dictated by the APD’s Internal Affairs website. The court has not participated in the investigation.

To date, this is amongst the numerous letters made public as they discovered more about the federal investigation.

City councilors have written to APD Chief Harold Medina, requesting transparency. Chief Medina also sent a letter to the Public Defender’s Office encompassing accusations of another attorney, Thomas Clear III.

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