NJ Man Links DWI Arrest to NY Jets Performance

Sports can evoke strong emotions and reactions, both positive and negative, among fans. This is quite evident with the New York Jets fans who, for years, have experienced disappointment, heartbreak, and grief due to the persistently poor performance of their team. It’s surprising that some sports teams, despite decades of poor performance, still have remaining fans.

As a tradition, the New York Jets always come out full of optimism only to eventually dash the hopes of their fans. The team’s ongoing predicaments and the year-long mismanagement of their quarterback position have led to a resurgence of a popular story from 2018.

A 57-year-old man was arrested in New Jersey on charges of drunk driving, after rear-ending another vehicle—an incident that reportedly occurred about an hour after the Jets lost spectacularly to the Bills. When the police arrived, the man showed clear signs of impairment. Inspection of his vehicle revealed an opened bottle of whiskey and indications of marijuana use.

Asked by the officers why he was drinking and driving, the man blamed the poor performance of the New York Jets. Although technically correct, his argument didn’t exempt him from the charges. Indeed, while the New York Jets’ continuous poor performance is undeniable, it can’t serve as a pass for drunk driving. The man was subsequently charged with drunk driving and assault by automobile.

Below is a clip from the news report detailing the man’s arrest.

In the aftermath of the incident, other Jets fans on social media related with man’s struggles, lamenting about the negative impact the New York team has on its fans in the comment section of the post. One Twitter user noted they knew many people who drink because of the Jets’ poor performance.

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