Nirenberg Ousts Whyte from Panels Following DWI Arrest

Marc Whyte, a San Antonio City Councilman who was recently arrested on suspicion of drunk driving, has been stripped of his council committee roles, announced Mayor Ron Nirenberg’s office. The incident from December 29th is under further investigation, with a City Council meeting scheduled for Sunday at 11 a.m to deliberate if Whyte should be censured.

Whyte, who represents District 10 after being elected in May, was apprehended by the San Antonio Police Department’s DWI unit late at night, following his visits to three different places where he consumed multiple beers. However, he stated that he did not feel drunk at the time.

In a meeting on Wednesday, the council discussed Whyte’s future without including him directly, although he had the chance to speak before his colleagues. He expressed regret over his decisions and apologized, although he had not received information about any impending action from the council. He also expressed his commitment to continue serving the city and District 10, regardless of this case.

Before serving on the City Council representing District 10, Whyte, a business attorney, had participated in several boards and commissions and had run unsuccessfully for a state House seat.

Interestingly, Whyte’s predecessor, Clayton Perry, was involved in his own drunk driving incident in November 2022. Perry was accused of fleeing a hit-and-run accident and was seen confused and unsteady on security footage captured later that evening.

On the night of Whyte’s arrest, he attended an event at El Mirasol, a restaurant where council members Melissa Cabello Havrda (D6) and Sukh Kaur (D1) were present. He later visited Myron’s Prime Steakhouse and the Thirsty Horse Saloon. Mayor Nirenberg said that only limited details about the event at El Mirasol and Whyte’s subsequent arrest were available, adding that Whyte admitted to drinking and driving.

The warrant issued on that night stated Whyte was driving at 80 mph in a 65-mph zone and was weaving within his lane. Whyte refused a breathalyzer test when pulled over and the results of a subsequent blood alcohol test have not yet been made public.

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