ND Rep Nico Rios’ Racist, Homophobic Rant During DUI Arrest

Republican representative Nico Rios from North Dakota, based in Williston, got caught on tape unleashing a homophobic and racist tirade during his arrest last week for driving under the influence (DUI), as reported by The Bismark Tribune. The police body camera footage showed Rios, charged with both a DUI and refusal to take a chemical test, vehemently attacking American officer Alexander Welch, who is originally from England. Using derogatory language and hate speech, he accused the officer of neglecting his country’s issues with immigration and crime. Rios also used a homophobic slur towards another officer and threatened them after realizing he would be jailed. In a post on Dec 18th, Rios conceded that he had consumed an excess of alcohol at a Christmas party before choosing to drive, resulting in his DUI charge; he expressed deep embarrassment over the incident. North Dakota’s Democrat-NPL Party chair, Adam Goldwyn, suggested that Rios should consider stepping down from his role, noting that public officials in past times would generally resign in the face of such disgraceful behavior.

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