Morris Woman Admits Guilt in Severe DUI Case

A Morris woman with previous DUI convictions has admitted her guilt in a Grundy County court case. 49-year-old Diana Swierk confessed to inflicting serious harm with an Aggravated DUI, which is classified as a class four felony. The terms of the plea bargain meant that the Grundy County State’s Attorney’s Office would not pursue a jail term exceeding five years.

Swierk was also initially charged with three other Aggravated DUI offenses, but they were dismissed as part of the agreement. It was reported by the Grundy County Sheriff’s Office that Swierk had been driving her vehicle on the 3000 block of School Drive when she struck a motorcycle ridden by Aidan Kay after crossing the center line. The collision happened around 5:45 p.m. on Sunday, June 18, 2023.

Kay, who was traveling in the opposite direction, reportedly attempted to swerve to avoid the car but was unsuccessful. The collision forced him into a ditch on the west side of the road, resulting in his ejection from the motorcycle. Kay was first taken to Morris Hospital before being moved to Loyola Medical Center. Swierk was also initially treated at Morris Hospital, before being taken to Grundy County Jail. The Sheriff’s Office revealed that Swierk had a blood alcohol level of .24.

Court documents confirmed that Swierk had at least two previous DUI convictions. On July 8, LaSalle County Judge Chris Ryan Jr. will sentence her, and it is anticipated that she will face a period on probation or a prison sentence between one and five years, of which 85 percent must be served. Swierk, who is currently out on $75,000 bail, is represented by defense lawyer Ryan Wharrie.

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