Monitoring DUI, Illegal Activities at Gasparilla Event

Tampa is gearing up for one of the largest single-parade events in the US, and despite its size, the arrests are expected to be minimal. Over 30 agencies of law enforcement and first responders will be ensuring security on land, water, and air during the Gasparilla Pirate Fest invasion and parade happening on Saturday.

The crowd size is predicted to be between 300 and 350 thousand people. The main worry for the police is to prevent intoxicated driving or boating. They’ll receive help from the Coast Guard, FWC, and marine units to monitor the situation in the water.

Tampa Fire Rescue will be on the lookout for unauthorized gatherings. Events that exceed a particular size, have fences bought in and ticket entry fees require permits. There are also additional criteria these events need to meet.

Parking spaces will be scarce during the event. So, those who drive are advised to take a picture of their parking spot. HART is offering special free bus services to link parking zones in Ybor City and the parade spot. The streetcar is also scheduled to run till late night. A few HART buses will maintain their usual routes into downtown, accommodating some diversions.

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