Missouri governor reduces Britt Reid’s sentence for DWI crash injuring girl

Missouri Governor, Michael Parson, has reduced the sentence of Britt Reid, ex-assistant coach of the Kansas City Chiefs. Reid seriously hurt a little girl in a drunk driving accident in 2021. Parson’s office announced on Friday that Reid will be serving the rest of his sentence under house arrest.

The Governor’s spokesperson explained that Reid had successfully finished his alcohol abuse treatment and had spent more time in prison than most people convicted of comparable offenses. He will remain under house arrest with strict probation conditions until 31st October 2025.

In the accident that took place near Arrowhead Stadium on February 4, 2021, Reid was driving at nearly 84 mph with a blood alcohol level of .113. Ariel Young, aged 5 at the time, suffered serious injuries, including a traumatic brain injury, from the accident. Her attorney stated that she would face lifelong difficulties.

Reid admitted his guilt in a case of drunk driving and was sentenced to three years imprisonment in November 2022. Though prosecutors wanted a four years sentence, the law permitted a maximum of seven years.

Parson clarified that the reduced sentence did not cut short his prison sentence but allowed him to complete it under house arrest. If Reid violates any of the set conditions, which include installation of an ignition interlock system in his vehicle and random substance abuse screenings, he may be sent back to prison.

Tom Porto, the attorney for Ariel’s family, questioned the difference between Reid’s case and that of other criminal defendants in Missouri. Reid, who was the outside linebackers coach for the Chiefs, was put on leave after the crash, and his contract was not renewed. The Chiefs committed in 2021 to support Ariel’s lifetime care and other expenses.

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