Man Assists in Own DWI Arrest by BCSO Deputies

In an unusual event in Bernalillo County, New Mexico, a man with multiple drink-driving convictions, who was accused of causing an accident, reportedly prepared himself to be handcuffed without being asked. Reportedly, deputies from the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office responded to an incident on December 26, 2023 that was unlike others. Homeowners claim that a man crashed into their fence at their Los Ranchos residence on Rio Grande.

The said man, 40-year-old John Paul Samuel, was familiar to the deputies having been arrested by them in the past. Deputies alleged finding an open bottle of Crown Royal inside Samuel’s truck. Despite this evidence, Samuel maintained he had not crashed and was seemingly unaware how his truck had ended up there.

Claiming he was coming from a dog park, Samuel declined both medical treatment and sobriety tests. However, he appeared willingly ready to be cuffed, even before the deputies requested him to do so. According to deputies, Samuel seemed disoriented and smelt of alcohol, leading to his arrest on yet another DWI charge. This reportedly marks Samuel’s seventh drink-driving arrest.

Despite facing severe DWI and other charges, Samuel has pleaded not guilty and is due to appear in court in February.

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