MacArthur High Promotes Prom Safety with DUI Talk

Prom is an occasion for fun and celebration with friends, and while most individuals return home securely, a few don’t. MacArthur High School senior Alyssa Beathea-Tolver, who attended a prom safety presentation on Monday, intends to have a sleepover with her friends following the prom. Beathea-Tolver appreciated it for its strong message against drug and alcohol use on the prom night as well as in general, stressing it could save the lives of the individuals involved and those of others on the road.

An Oklahoma Highway State Trooper offered a presentation about the dangers of drunk driving, particularly for prom-goers, including images of cars wrecked by intoxicated drivers. One such vehicle was a Chevy HHR, which was entirely crushed after a collision with a semi-truck.

Gracelynn Baumgartner, a fellow senior at MHS, remarked that the presentation was “extraordinarily great,” adding that the candid discussions about impaired driving fatalities greatly impacted everyone present.

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