Local Bars Fight St. Patrick’s Day DWI Dangers

Local pubs take measures against drunk-driving hazards on Saint Patrick’s Day

by SBG Staff Reports
Sunday, Mar 17th 2024

With Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations in full swing, San Antonio’s downtown is flooded with party-goers heading to the River Walk, now bathed in a lively green color.(SBG San Antonio)

SAN ANTONIO – The River Walk, in downtown San Antonio, bustles with crowds celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day, and everything has taken a distinct shade of green. A special focus has been put on safety, notably with regards to alcohol over-indulgence.

As green beer is being served aplenty, bar personnel are conscientiously striving to stop customers from drunk-driving.

Historically speaking, Saint Patrick’s Day is amongst those holidays where most DWI arrests occur.

In Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations last year, Bexar County alone saw 8 DWI arrests. To prevent a repeat this year, establishments, such as Pat O’Brien’s, are adopting measures to keep a check on alcohol consumption and deter excessive drinking.

The General Manager of Pat O’Brien’s, Scott Martin, stressed on the need to regulate the tempo of serving patrons’ drinks. He stated, “You need to control the pace. That’s why you can’t let them purchase three hurricanes in an hour. You have to take command of their consumption.”

Moreover, the bartenders at different venues are proactively initiating discussions with clients about their safe trip home plans. They are stimulating patrons to utilize a ride-hailing service or call a cab if they are under the influence; thus making sure that everyone can relish the celebrations in a sensible manner.

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