Karen Huger’s Alleged DUI Crash Site Photos: Skid Marks Evidence

The recent car crash involving Karen Huger, the ‘Real Housewives’ star, left noticeable damage at the crash site. The images of the location reveal the severity of the accident, showing skid marks and damaged grass where Huger veered off the road in Potomac, MD. The images were taken exactly where the incident was stated to have occurred as mentioned in court documents explaining her traffic charges.

These images and a video captured at the scene highlight the seriousness of the incident, focusing on the point where she left the roadway, asserting she swerved to evade an oncoming vehicle after an emotional dinner with a friend. However, the police tell a different story.

According to the Montgomery County Police Department, after the accident, Huger hit the median and a street sign while driving her Maserati vehicle. The police were alerted by a local security guard who witnessed the event. They sent an ambulance and officers to the scene, but Huger declined medical evaluation or hospital transport.

Subsequently, Huger was apprehended and taken to a district station. She was charged with a DUI but was not detained in jail. Instead, she was released to her husband, Raymond. Apart from the DUI, she received citations for additional traffic violations.

Huger has not yet commented on her DUI charges. However, she mentioned that a car coming straight at her led her to swerve and avoid it. She reported that she was unscathed despite the accident. Given the severity of the crash scene, Huger’s claim to have a “guardian angel” might be apt.

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