Hudson County DWI Checkpoint Schedule for This Weekend

Keep an eye out for a DWI checkpoint while journeying in Hudson County this weekend, and ensure you’re aware of the specifics.

HUDSON COUNTY, NJ — DWI checkpoints will be set up by the Hudson County sheriffs this weekend, specifically targeting those driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This will take place on Friday, March 29th. The location for this will be at Kennedy Blvd and Manhattan Avenue in Jersey City.

Despite the likely assumption, the primary goal of this exercise is not to apprehend offenders, but to foster public safety by discouraging impaired driving. At the checkpoints, authorities will be on high alert for any signs of drivers operating under the influence.

Sheriff Francis Schillari emphasizes that impairment isn’t only caused by alcohol – prescription or over-the-counter drugs can also affect one’s ability to drive safely. Additionally, to discourage drunk driving and promote safety, the Sheriff’s Office has increased the number of patrols across the county. This effort coincides with the Hudson County Vision Zero Task Force’s mission to enhance roadway safety.

In anticipation of the holiday season, Sheriff Schillari provides some advice to ensure public safety:

– If you’ve been drinking, consider public transport, a taxi, or a car service, or ask a friend who hasn’t been drinking to drive you home.
– Consider staying the night at the location of the party or event.
– Report any suspected drunk drivers to law enforcement – your action could save lives.
– Always use your seatbelt – it offers essential protection against drunk drivers.

The Sheriff’s Office reminds those who are intoxicated and walking home that hailing a taxi or getting a sober acquaintance to drive or accompany them home is the safest bet. They also urge the public to take responsibility in ensuring those who have been drinking don’t get behind the wheel.

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