Holiday DUI Patrols Increase in Hollywood by LAPD

In an effort to curb drunk driving incidents over the holiday season, DUI checkpoints will be established all over Los Angeles, including Hollywood, San Fernando Valley, the Westside, and South LA, as announced by LAPD. The strategic positioning of these checkpoints is aimed at places with high recorded incidents of DUI-related accidents and arrests. The additional deployment of officers for saturation patrols is scheduled till the arrival of the New Year and is a part of the national program called “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over.”

The campaign warns against impaired driving due to alcohol, marijuana, prescribed medicines or any over-the-counter drugs. The intent not only includes arresting offending drivers but also to spread awareness about the perils of driving under the influence, as stated by Commander Craig Valenzuela from the Traffic Group.

The LAPD is working alongside the California Highway Patrol and numerous other local police departments for this initiative taking place over the holidays. They aim to ensure safety on the roads, knowing that this period sees an increase in DUI cases. According to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, alcohol-impaired-driving crashes accounted for over a thousand fatalities in the US in December 2021 alone.

First-time DUI offenders can expect to incur around $13,500 in penalties and suspension of their driving licenses, reminded the LAPD. They also highlighted that while both medical and recreational use of marijuana is lawful, driving under its influence is not. Various DUI checkpoints and saturation patrols have been scheduled in specific areas till January 1.

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