Hampton Woman Hits Worker, Faces Felony DWI

A Hampton resident, identified as Karen Ann Haraden, 59, was charged with a felony of aggravated driving while intoxicated, leading to an indictment by a Rockingham County grand jury. Haraden allegedly struck Jaroslav Langer, a 25-year-old Galley Hatch worker who was walking home, which could result in a prison sentence ranging from 3 and a half to 7 years if found guilty. Remarkably, Langer who suffered injuries to his skull and body, holds no ill will towards Haraden and believes he’ll recover well.

Langer, who hails from Czechia, was in the U.S through the J-1 visa program that allows foreign students to work and take their school break in the country. He, according to a police affidavit, was hit by Haraden thus flying about 15 feet down the road. The situation was severe as police on arrival found him unconscious and surrounded by a crowd providing medical attention.

An account by a witness led the police to Haraden’s vehicle. The accused, who had moved to the back seat, was found with slurred speech, swaying and holding on to the vehicle for balance. An alcohol bottle was found in her vehicle. Subsequent attempts by the police to carry out sobriety tests were met with resistance.

Haraden was found guilty at the scene and was held in custody. It was inferred that she required an officer’s help to prevent her from tipping over before entering the police vehicle. She was conveyed first to Portsmouth Regional Hospital, and then to the Hampton Police Department for booking. She was later taken into protective custody at Rockingham County Jail since she could not secure a sober ride home.

Langer who had the majority of treatments back home, Czechia, suffered impaired vision due to the incident and could have nerve damage. He is expected to recover fully as doctors believe the nerves will grow back. His injuries have not deterred his educational pursuit as he maintained progress in his master’s degree in computer science. The Galley Hatch and the Hampton community rallied around him during his ordeal, garnering over $4,000 for his assistance. Langer, also known as Jerry, still has plans on returning to the United States.

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