Goshen man pleads guilty to DWI, injuring Warwick mayor

The article discusses how a man from Goshen confessed to a serious drunk driving offense and inflicting injuries on the Mayor of Warwick Village, Michael Newhard, when he attempted to intervene. The incident occurred in July when Newhard endeavored to aid a staggering Matthew Labar, 42, on Warwick’s Main Street. Newhard confiscated Labar’s keys, but Labar managed to use a spare set to flee, with Newhard partway out of the vehicle’s window. Labar caused several collisions in a car park. A park officer succeeded in detaining Labar until the arrival of further police forces. Labar’s blood alcohol level was discovered to be over quadruple the legal limit. Newhard sustained minor wounds. Labar could potentially be sentenced to a maximum of three years in prison when he is sentenced on the 12th of April.

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