Genoa Woman Sentenced 12 Years for Fatal 2022 DUI Killing Sycamore Couple

Courtney Antus struggled to hold back tears as she shared memories of her father, Christopher Henning, who was not able to walk her down the aisle due to a tragic incident, and she declared that she still cannot forgive the woman responsible for it.

The police arrived at her door early one Saturday morning in February 2022, eight months before her wedding, with the dreadful news: both her parents were dead, killed by a drunk driver.

Christopher Henning, aged 49, and Amanda Henning, aged 46, from Sycamore, were killed in a head-on collision on Peace Road in unincorporated DeKalb County. The tragedy was caused by Chynna Daugherty, then 30, from Genoa, who was under the influence of alcohol. The Hennings were just three minutes from their home when Daugherty’s car hit them head-on.

Antus voiced the devastation that this case brought upon her life. She expressed the deep emotional turmoil she had to endure due to Daugherty’s irresponsible decision to drive while drunk. Her parents’ deaths, she condemned, were totally undeserving and avoidable.

According to authorities, her father was pronounced dead at the scene, and her mother died a little later at Northwestern Medicine Kishwaukee Hospital in DeKalb.

Daugherty, now 33, pleaded guilty to two charges of aggravated DUI of alcohol causing death, receiving a sentence of 12 years in prison. Her trial would have commenced on March 13th.

Christopher and Amanda Henning, teenage sweethearts who enjoyed a marital bond of 30 years, were remembered lovingly. The Hennings were extremely generous people who were admired by their close circle.

Daugherty expressed her remorse and deep regret for her actions. She admitted her longing to take away some of the pain she has caused and acknowledged her guilt.

Despite Daugherty’s apology, family members and friends of the Hennings expressed the heavy toll her actions had taken on their lives. From losing a cherished sibling to missing the experience of being loving grandparents, they openly wept for their deep losses and their disrupted lives.

Regardless of their grief, they radiated unity and provided solace and comfort to each other in the courtroom.

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