Fresno DUI Crash Suspect Could Face Murder Charge

In California’s Fresno County, Ryan Trevino, who was recently ordered by a judge to abstain from alcohol and not drive, was involved in a fatal DUI crash. If convicted, Trevino could face decades in prison. This would mark his fourth DUI charge, as he has been previously valid of the offense three times. However, this time, he could also be charged with murder.

According to the California Highway Patrol, Trevino was drunkenly driving a blue Chevy Silverado when he collided head-on with a white Toyota Tundra carrying 78-year-old John Tarter and another passenger. Tragically, Tarter didn’t survive till he could be airlifted to a hospital.

Trevino and Tarter’s passenger were seriously injured and hospitalized. Despite undergoing surgery, Trevino is likely to face prison rather than going home since this is his second DUI charge in a few months. Remarkably, he was in court for a DUI case just four days prior to this fatal crash.

On January 9th, the judge released Trevino on his own recognizance with strict orders to not drive or consume alcohol. Nevertheless, Trevino has a history of pleading no contest to DUI charges in 2007 and 2018, including multiple charges for driving without a license.

Trevino’s DUI history may lead to the district attorney charging him with murder for Tarter’s death. Experts state that, if convicted of murder, Trevino could face 25 years to life imprisonment and will likely serve most of that sentence.

The victim, John Michael Tarter, was a beloved father, grandfather, retired teacher, and Air Force veteran. His loss is deeply mourned by many, including his son, grandson, wife, and brother. His family has questioned how Trevino was permitted to drive with his history of DUI, resulting in this tragic loss. The family hopes for changes in the law to avoid such heartbreaking incidents in the future.

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