Florida Deputy Delivers Chick-fil-A Following DoorDash Driver’s Arrest

A DoorDash courier, in the process of delivering an order from Chick-fil-A in Florida, was stopped and arrested on drunk driving charges. However, the police saved the meal from being wasted by delivering it to the customer themselves.

The Nassau County Sheriff’s Office reacted to reports of an alleged drunk driver in the parking area of a local Chick-fil-A, who was hitting cones and barely avoiding hitting several cars in the drive-thru near Jacksonville, the Sheriff’s office disclosed on Friday.

The driver, later identified as 57-year-old John Kaminski, had departed from the location by the time, but was halted shortly thereafter, stated the sheriff’s office.

“Our deputy requested Kaminski to exit his car and noticed him slurring his speech and staggering while walking,” the sheriff’s office shared in a Facebook post.

Subsequently, Kaminski was instructed to conduct field sobriety examinations, which the police report states he couldn’t successfully complete. On suspicion of DUI, Kaminski was detained and transported to the Nassau County Detention facility.

Furthermore, Kaminski was charged with the possession of a controlled substance after they reportedly found prescription drugs – Alprazolam and Hydrocodone – in unauthorized containers in his car.

Later, Sheriff’s Deputy Dale Hutcherson took the Chick-fil-A order from Kaminski’s vehicle and delivered it to the customer “just in time for breakfast,” according to the Sheriff’s Office. In the comments section of the Sheriff’s Office’s Facebook post, Hutcherson was commended for his act.

The Sheriff’s Office informed USA TODAY on Tuesday that Kaminski was released on bail on Saturday and his case is currently pending in the Nassau County Court. No legal representative for Kaminski was recorded.

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