Firefighter in West Memphis Charged with DWI

In Memphis, Tennessee, a firefighter from West Memphis was taken into custody on Tuesday for allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol, as reported by the West Memphis police department.

In addition, an Arkansas police officer has been dismissed and arrested in connection to alleged child sexual abuse crimes.

The authorities have not disclosed much information but firefighter Kentrell Curry is expected to face the court charges on March 21.

The West Memphis city and its Fire Department have conveyed in a statement that they take allegations of any misconduct gravely, especially those involving individuals responsible for the security and welfare of their community. They promised to keep the standards not just according to the law, but what is expected of those in public and safety positions. They also stated that they are conducting an internal investigation to understand the circumstances of this incident fully. Further updates will be provided as more details are clear and to respect all parties involved in the ongoing investigation.

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