FBI probes APD officers over dismissed DWI cases

Several Albuquerque police officers are undergoing a federal investigation, with the U.S. Attorney’s Office confirming a search of one officer’s residence in Los Lunas. This investigation has led to the termination of more than 150 ongoing driving while impaired (DWI) cases in Bernalillo County. While the Albuquerque Police Department confirms its collaboration with the FBI on an investigation involving their officers, the Bernalillo District Attorney’s Office has been forced to dismiss the DWI cases. An officer from APD, whose house was recently searched, frequently appears on the list of dismissed cases. The investigation has caused several officers to be relocated within the department or put on administrative leave. The Public Defenders’ Office reports that around 35% of the cases are theirs, and they are now checking into cases not on the list that may require additional inquiry.

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